Tuesday, May 23, 2006

# Ding Dang Dong

Taking a break from exam preparation... so...


Yup, it's the crazy frog in action again! now it is singing the song "we are the champion" for the world cup... here is the video clip.

We are the champion (Ding Dang Dong)

for those who hasn't got to know him yet, here is his famous song that once topped the chart in UK.

Axel F

And this is the very very early version of this annoying thing

Annoying Thing (early version)

and here is him trying his hand in DJ-ing, featuring the "Popcorn" (Thanks much moody!), hehe... (ahh... the good old days of digdug game...)


His christmas special


and his underwater adventure

You can't touch this

Enjoy! get annoyed with the annoying thing!


Pandabonium said...

You definitely need a break. :P

YD said...

haha yes i do... :P was it too obvious? hehehe...

The Moody Minstrel said...

Annoying overload!!!! (But I like it!)

BTW, the "Dig Dug song" is actually called "Popcorn". It was written and originally recorded in the late 60s by composer Gersbon Kingsley, though the most famous version was recorded by a band called Hot Butter in 1972. It is a standard of the so-called and short-lived Moog music genre of the 70s (so named because they were all based on Moog modular synths).

Many if not most of the Moog Music genre was pretty cheesy if not just plain bad, but "Popcorn", as well as the album Switched-On Bach, was and is a classic.

Okay, you can wake up now.

YD said...

thanks much moody!

i was hesitating when writing down the name as digdug, but did it anyway cuz the only association i know of is the game. hehe... thanks for providing the source!

Still awake, still awakzzz... :-P

anyway, i love that song!

Chen said...

have a break,
have a kit-kat :)

when's your exam?

YD said...

:-) hi chen! hehe.. now that the kitkat is having its promotion with KitKash, the sales surged up a lot! (kitkash is a kind of points which can be collected with purchase of kitkat and used online as virtual cash to bid/buy things in the kitkash network.)

It is interesting how the marketing department works to improve the sales. :-)

my final exam is ongoing in these few weeks.. now i m left with about 2 more weeks until everything ends. then it's time to graduate~! yippee!!! ... and of course, time to be back to malaysia and eat all i can! (durian rice? crab meat?)

Pandabonium said...

kitkat kash? what? no Wonka Golden Ticket?

Robin said...

Good luck again..

Yes, these few weeks will be the grand finale of the years of hard work you have put in..

So do enjoy it.

COming back to Malaysia will be another stage of life..

Clinch to nothing of the past and ponder onto nothing in the future.
Live for the present! Even if the present mean a whole lot of hard work, it is worth it.

Take care and take vitamins and drink alot of water.. hehe.. sound like an elder brother..

YD said...

sigh... I did tried to look for the golden ticket but in vain. Now let's wait to see whether i can pick up a 10-pound note at roadside, then i will definitely go try my luck again!

Willy wonka, willy wonka.... now where's the ooompah looompahs??

Thanks much Robin!!! awww... so sweet!

Looking forward to graduation, but with both anticipation, and at the same time, a tinge of sadness. It's like, suddenly you would realized that the years you spend in the school is over..

Thanks for the advice, big bro! I don't have one in real life so it's nice to have someone who sound like one, hehe.. (normally i m the one who boss ppl around, muahaha... oops.. kidding)

Actually, I have another year to spend in UK, becuz I would be doing a Master degree in actuarial management. Hope to get the qualifications done soon before the brain juice run out, and then it's a jump to the real world of working life.

Thanks much for your well wishes!

Chen said...

kitkash? wow.. more & more ppl will eat kit-kat then :) I still have one pack of kit-kat limited edition dark chocolate with me (I bought a week ago but somehow I have forgotten about it.. )

Study smart for these last few days :)
Malaysia welcome you back with arms stretched wide apart :D and "eat all you can" back home :)

YD said...

Here's the saga

I have a little kitkash redeemed, compared to the thousands and millions points of others, mine is a small molehill. But I used it to exchange for 40 free prints of photographs so it is worth it. :-)

Hey, just wondering, do Malaysian kitkat has different words printed on the chocolate? cuz here the kitkat has random words printed on the chocolate in different packets of kitkat. I once got a bar that says:
"One for me"
"One for you"
"One for me"
"One for me"


L B said...

Oh, Love THE SONG!! And, ok, enjoyed that nasty frog too!! LOL.. Happy Studies!!

PS: Enjoyed your Stonehenge post too, since I was there earlier this year!! And Bath.. Thanks for dropping by.

Happysurfer said...

A well-deserved break. Another year and then homeward bound. Don't worry, time flies. In the meantime, enjoy the moment for it is what matters. Take care.

Chen said...

AFAIK, I didn't notice any words printed on the kit-kat chocolate..

YD said...

l b
Thanks for visiting. Haha, welcome to the fans club of crazy frog! Ding Ding Ding...

Thanks for your well wishes. Gritting teeth to go through the last lap of undergraduate year. :-)
Looking forward to 7 June, the last day of exam, muahaha... we will have dim sum feast!

oic.. Different places different marketing strategy.. I have to applaud the UK kitkat marketing department for their efforts, they did quite an awesome job!

hmm... maybe we should suggest this to the malaysian one?