Friday, December 01, 2006

# Pigloo

Not long ago, Panda recommended a cute video about a crocodile Schnappi, and recently Happy also recommended another cute flash of Last Christmas. There's a string of attack of cutie cutie stuff, and I just remembered I have something that I like very much and would like to share with you guys too. Let the cuteness drown you~~!

Introducing.... PIGLOO!!!

It's a french-speaking penguin in North Pole. It has a daddy who has always longed to go to the beach (which they finally did in the 2nd album), and a cute girlfriend who can be flirty a bit sometimes (but still very sweet and cute nonetheless), and a bunch of friends who either play in a band or do street dance...

The Penguin dance has got so popular that now it has become a social group dance for some fans. And it released albums too and sometimes they do top the charts!


Pandabonium said...

Qu'est-ce que c'est ? C'est grand!

The part where the penguin ties a banana on his head has a special meaning for PandaB and K (no, we won't say what!).

Very cool, YD. Thanks.

YD said...

hmmm... banana on his head, banana on a panda's head... i m getting intrigued...

Z.J. said...

哦!!! 原来你喜欢企鹅的…都有些少吻合的.因有点儿像你.(有少许长颈)...:-P

甚么??Panda头上有只香焦??? 应该有一大快的竹叶当雨伞才是可爱的Panda.

The Moody Minstrel said...

I'm getting intrigued, too. If it were a sprig of bamboo I could understand...but a banana?

Who is responsible for this avalanche of cuteness in the world? Was it Japan?

(Moody starts daydreaming about a baseball bat...or maybe even a large mallet...)

Robin said...

Happy feets!!!!!!!!!

Mumble or Ramon???