Monday, January 03, 2005

# Dark City

It suddenly dawned on me that all the people in the tube were wearing dark colour clothes. Dark suites, dark coats, dark hats, dark umbrellas… Nobody is smiling, nor chatting to the others. Everyone sat in silence, only the rumbling of the train was heard. The atmosphere was so ominous and depressive that I felt like suddenly sing a song to cheer everybody up. :-P I do not know whether the culture of being oblivious to other people on the street is common in all big cities, but I am certainly not used to this kind of culture. I admit I would prefer a small town scene where everyone knows everyone, and there are always peals of greetings every morning we walk on the street.

Why have people in big cities ‘evolved’ to be non-talking strangers to one another? Where has the warmth among people gone? This is an issue to be looked into by all the big cities, not only in UK, but throughout the world. People are behaving like strangers, or worse, like robots in cities, and most do not even care to know what is happening around them. People are only focused on the things they do themselves, and the atmosphere is ever stiff, and cold, and unfriendly.

On my way to leave the tube station, I gave a big smile and greeted the tube attendant by the checkout machine. He was surprised, but I saw his lips curled up into a smile and greeted back. I wonder, if we can get everybody to do these kinds of simple little gestures, wouldn’t our lives be happier and the days less gloomy?

Smile, and the world smiles with you.

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