Saturday, January 01, 2005

# Vegetarian For A Month

My housemate Huifang initiated the idea of becoming vegetarian for a month to celebrate the New Year 2005.

I am awed by the idea and happily joined in her new year resolution. A one-month-vegetarian would be a great way to train ourselves to be disciplined, to reflect on ourselves and also a good way to start a fresh year without killing.

Preparing vegetarian food was challenging, creative and very rewarding! It leads us to think up of new varieties of food and find new substitutes for seasoning and flavour of the food.

I realized that I can actually survive without meat. and at the same time realizing that I love vegetables much. It's a good start for a year.

I have actually taken a series of photographs to record our progress.
For more please follow link:
Vegetarian Series

## Follow-up:
15/1/05 - Half a month passed and we are still continuing this practice without any desire to have meat. GANBATE!

we are starting to walk more frequently to and back from school. Maybe our next challenge would be a Walk-A-Month-to-school. who knows? *^_^*

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Pandabonium said...

Fun idea. Good for you. I've been a "most of the time" vegetarian all my adult life, and have gradually gotten more serious about it as time went on. We eat mostly vegetarian now, with the occassional seafood dish, or egg.

It was never been a religious thing for me, mostly just for health. But after a while of not eating meat, I became more mindful of what went into the food I was eating and came to appreciate it more.

I'll send you a recipe some time.