Sunday, February 13, 2005

# Chinese New Year

I was grateful that I actually got to celebrate Chinese New Year in London, especially it was such a big celebration compared to other places in UK. In fact, UK government organized a week-long Chinese Week in conjunction with the CNY celebration.

Went to Trafalgar Square and Leicester Square with a few friends from SP, penang n taiping. it felt so nice to be able to chat in hokkien for whole day long!

It was a nice start with the firework display in Leicester Square (China Town). We spent a few hours at Trafalgar Square watching the performances. had a good laugh when the male auto sang songs after songs, and was a bit disappointed watching the pathetic lion dance. :P Dinner was a nice vegetarian buffet in Goodge Street.

The whole day was fun, especially the last 15 minutes major firework display. Felt appreciative of the effort put in by UK in celebrating this event. London is a very international cosmopolitan, and to have a nice event like that certainly attract lots of chineses, not to say tourists from all backgrounds. they are really doing their job. :-)

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