Thursday, September 28, 2006

# Time flies

... and I am back in London. Another year of study to go.  :-(((

Wasted 2 hours in the airport immigration control. Strict security has slowed down clearance. I envy those who can go straight to the line of "UK Passport Holders". After waiting for ages, I finally got to get to the passport control desk. But the officer told me I NEED a medical checkup! Bloody hell. He thought I was a first-year student.

After explaining to him and showing him documents that I have had my records with the NHS and he can go check on my health condition if he likes, he let me through. With my stomach growling (I haven't had my dinner), I took the tube home, arriving around 10.30pm.

Took me a few days to clean up my new room and unpack everything from boxes. Now my little room looks more inviting... Here is a 360 degree tour of my little square room. (photos are of not such good quality, I only have my T610 with me so that will have to do)

Here is my work station, with my laptop and board and photos and everything in place, before I make a mess again soon.

Beside my desk is my cabinet which I stuffed everything in there. Next to it - my personal TV in the room! (With the license too! Landlord pays, yea yea)

Next to the TV are the fridge and the little tea corner of mine, with teabags and mugs... Check out the two fish lanterns on the wall, gifts from James, made in Malaysia! Now I miss the Lantern Festival/ Mooncake Festival back there... Anyone doing Lantern post soon?

Last but not least, my sleeping corner. Cosy little bed... Thanks KK for the warm duvet!

Now it's really time for bed.


touxianjiayouzhan said...

when can i go visit your room?

Happysurfer said...

I bet you're happy to be back to an old familiar environment, huh? Thanks for the tour of your cosy castle.

How long were you back here in Malaysia anyway?

Again, welcome back to the blogosphere.

Pandabonium said...

We hope you find your last year of studies interesting and fun (that "last" part is kind of a joke because life is a never ending process of education).

Your room looks good, if not disturbingly neat - everything you need and more (the TV is worse than superfulous and you'd do better to chuck it out the window).

We trust you made the most of your time at home. Judging by the lack of posts, you did. %^) 'Looking forward to the futher adventures of YD.

Ready, set, .....go!

- Pandabonium, K, and Momo

Z.J. said...


L B said...

*sigh* welcome back to europe *sigh* hope you brought back a mooncake, at least?

The Moody Minstrel said...

Back in London already??!?

For some reason I thought you were all finished there and would be relocating back to Malaysia for good. I see your adventure isn't over yet.

At least you know the territory!

YD said...

hehe... when we hav the time dear. you will be surprised how i managed to make a messy room looks tidy in photo. ;-P

When I first arrived in the room, it was so empty and dirty and messy that i felt some pinch of dislike, but after spending some time 'restructuring' it, i fell in love with it.

i m back for about 2 months.. god knows how i wasted all the time.

panda, k, momo
hehe it's a photo trick to capture only the neater part of my room. hidden corners stay well away from the focus of camera.

school life for master studies is so much busier than in my undergraduate years.. or rather my undergraduate uni has been pampering me? finding myself a bit lagging behind in the subjects. everything seems so new, if not alien.

hehe let's see what new troubles i land myself in and there will be adventures! ;^)

thanks! ya i really miss my family much... it feels like i havent spent enough time with them in the summer...

l b
nope, i gobbled down plenty of them before coming back. =_=|||

Quoted from the Terminator,
"I will be back"
But this year would be really my final year i think. i have run out of excuses to persuade my future employer to let me stay on. oh no, working life coming soon!