Monday, September 25, 2006

# Would all the cat-lovers please stand up?

During the SARS period, some people have the mistaken identity to think the ordinary stray cats are civet (thanks Mickell) cats (which is actually from the Rats family) and said that they spread SARS. A massive search and kill was launched in Singapore during that time and as many as 200 cats were terminated per day.

A blog friend of mine, Robin, a good-hearted animal lover, has teamed up with wish friends to provide temporary shelter for stray and abandoned cats, and making efforts either to track down their owners or find homes for them. Their work are time, energy and money-consuming, and needs support from all of us.

So if you know of anyone who wish to adopt a cat, a kitten, or who is willing to support such a cause in animal welfare and protection, please let Robin know.

No cash donations please. Food, kitty litter, toys, shampoo, cat adoption (subject to terms and conditions) and medicines are welcome. Please email Robin.


Thanks very much!


Justin said...

Hey, inspiring post indeed...great job Robin...all my best wishes to you..May be I can help as some of my friends are willing to adopt kittens..I will soon get back to Robin...and hey you can check this post on Solar Powered Kitty ..I think u'll love it..

God bless.

Adam said...

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