Tuesday, November 14, 2006

# Blame the victim, not the predator

I am getting more and more aghast at the level of intelligence and concern for human rights in our beloved country. Not too long ago, there were arguments about whether some races were being marginalized, then the shocking news of murder of a mongolian model by our police forces, for god's sake!

Now there is this Penang Municipal Council saga - some pervert technician abuse the CCTV in the City Hall zooming on the thighs of women journalists during a council proceedings. As if this is not shameful enough, the Municipal Council President blamed the WOMEN for wearing "sexy" clothes that attract unwanted attention. Fucking hell, the women are wearing normal office attire. And so they change their wordings, saying their office attire is not LONG enough to cover their body parts below the knee.

It's the Skirt
Government Dress Code

50 years into independence and development, and our people seem to have not grasped the simple notion of human rights or justice. The principle seem to be "Blame the victim, protect the predator". Blame the women for wearing sexy clothes if they are raped. Blame the women if some sex perverts stalks on them. Blame the snatch thief victimes if they are carrying handbags. Blame the households who get robbed because they live lavishly.

This is the country I am going to serve in the future. This was the country I have had dreams to develop. This was the country I love and feel proud of so much. Where is the basic human values, where is the basic equality?

We need some changes in the country.


Kurakat said...

Institutionalised prejudice and biasness has a stupefying and anger-inciting effect on people.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Calm down and join the real world where there are people who blame women for everything! Just keep on with your studies and your self-respect, girl. Gradually men are seeing a better way.

In Australia we have had quite a to-do when a mufti who speaks rather broken English, and though he was speaking in Arabic, made an unfortunate reference to 'uncovered meat' in reference to women who are not covered up well! His metaphor caused quite a stir. His point was his opinion that some women stir up the men's uncontrollable passion, but he didn't say it tactfully!

Pandabonium said...

Ironically, it is often people who hold prudish ideas that turn out to be the worst offenders. Look at all the closet gays that have recently been uncovered in the USA - men hiding behind evangelical christian religions and political conservativism and say they are against gays. Also men who were in positions of high trust to protect children who turn out to be pedofiles.

It isn't their being gay I find offensive, it is their hypocracy. The sex offenders and pedafiles are disgusting all around.

Like Wendy says, welcome to the real world.