Friday, November 10, 2006

# Jamie "Kulum"?

What kind of CD cover is this?!

I saw this advertisement of Jamie Cullum's album on the front page of some newspaper in London.

I seriously think there will be some controversy if this is sold in Malaysia.

(For those who don't speak Malay, "Cullum" can be read in Malay as "Kulum", and the meaning of kulum is not too nice, especially paired with the illustration on the album cover.)



Anonymous said...

er.. sorry to ask, but what's kulum la? my BM level quite shallow.

long time no see u, u doing great? what u busying with now? got go diving?

YD said...

kulum (malay)= suck

U know, when you have sore throat, the doctor will give you some lozenges, and sometimes they label the cover with "kulum", meaning asking you to suck on the pills, not to swallow them.

Happysurfer said...

YD, LOL! Naughty, naughty! The mind is quick, isn't it? These things do happen. I mean what it means in one language may mean something else in another. A case in point is the word 'foto'. When I was reading 'Roots' years back, that word means a man's genitals (penis to be exact) in an African language, if I remember correctly. In the current Malay, it's just a translation of 'photo'. There are lots more, I'm sure.

FH2O said...

The piano piece playing in the background is certainly not "Kulum"!

Am thinking of 'borrowing' it for my blog as well ... Thanks! ;)

YD said...

"foto" means genital? Omigod I never knew that! That's very funny. Nowadays we even have

unker, i'm glad you enjoy it, go ahead and share it. It'll help Jamie's publicity. ;-P

The Moody Minstrel said...

Isn't language fun? If you listen to just about any language in the world you are probably bound to hear words that sound like ones in your own language...especially if it has a funny or off-color meaning.

In this case, though, especially after pairing the linguistic pun with that picture, I have to wonder if the artist is well aware of the double meaning...

Bernard said...

LOL.. da fella is almost "terkulum" da mike liao.