Wednesday, February 14, 2007

# Phew...

Did a class presentation today, and realized I felt so nervous when talking in front. I was quite surprised actually, as I don't normally feel nervous during other times of presentations. Fumbled a lot and did a lot of mistakes, but I'm glad that it was finally over.

Felt a bit like that

Feedbacks from friends were very helpful. I sounded too fierce, like YY described, "sounds like a primary school who teach with a serious face". Haha, perhaps I have been too used to teaching in class already. I wonder whether I have been like this when teaching last time, but somehow the students still bullied me. =_=!!!

I think JY's comment was very true, he said that I sounded fierce because I felt scared, and by "intimidating" the audience, I alleviate my fear. It's good to have someone giving constructive comments. I will improve myself in future presentations, especially in BNM where there are listless of presentations coming up...

Another thing I realized from this presentation is that strangely, I feel much more at ease giving presentations to a much larger group of strangers, than to friends I know. Maybe with friends, we have been hanging out everyday, and it felt so awkward to have to stand in front of all of them to speak... It certainly feels much more comfortable sitting in smaller circle, talking crap discussing homework and etc..

Anyway, I think this presentation has given me a good lesson. I certainly need to learn to overcome the anxiety, and I need to relax and smile.

Smile, and the world smile with you.


Jih Ying 致颖 said...

You did fine today. No sign of nervousness.

How come this Mona Lisa looks like Julia Roberts?

Mona Lisa's tooth cost way more than 1 million each... =)

YD said...

Thanks JihYing for your kind words.

Looks are deceiving sometimes hehe. I felt much more nervous than answering questions in class. At least in class participation, it is a two-way interaction among students. I prefer discussion much more than presentation because in presentation, the focus and pressure is put on a single person.

You observed it correctly. It is indeed Julia Robert's million dollar smile. ^_^

touxianjiayouzhan said...

tea...cher, cher!...i don't know how to do this question lar...:P

The Moody Minstrel said...

It's always much, much harder to perform in front of your peers than it is to get up in front of a bunch of people who are either total strangers or much smaller than you. ;-)

When I played that solo-laden lead clarinet part in the Mozart Piano Concerto #21 with the Kashima Philharmonic last December I didn't feel nervous at all even though that piece really put me on the spot. On the other hand, when I played a few very easy pop songs on my saxophone at a party last Monday I was shaking in my boots and my heart was beating triple time.

Go figure...

Fierce is fine. Intimidating is fine. The crowd is in your power! You have them all in the palm of your hand, so you can twist them up and play with them like little...sorry...need more coffee...

Know that you're the one in command
Dealing out what you wish or demand.
Everyone's in your thrall.
Keep them naked and small!
You're their goddess, their queen! Oh, how grand!

Pandabonium said...
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Kampungkai said...

hey ya... well done for the presentation. I'm sure u will do perfectly well for the next one. Happy Chinese New Year to u! have a great year ahead k?!

Pandabonium said...

I ran for public office twice and was "guest speaker" in temple services many times (when the minister was off somewhere) and I always felt at least a little nervous, sometimes more than others. What helped me was listening to others in the same situation and realizing that we're all the same. I guess that is the value of groups like "Toastmasters". As for music solos. I don't know. Sometimes it was easy, other times I've choked. Don't know why. It even happens to pros sometimes as evidenced by singer Jessica Simpson "choking" at a Kennedy Center Honors award tribute to Dolly Parton.

Julia Roberts. The first film I saw of hers was Pretty Woman. Ever since when I see her in a movie I have to remind myself that she isn't playing a hooker.
8:36 AM

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Perhaps as you do this several times you will relax more. Just imagine your audience are all naked then you might smile a bit more!
Although I was a secondary teacher and comfortable with teenage kids, I still blush when I am speaking to an adult audience. Those eyes on you! And then I tend to speak too quickly, am opinionated and get into bossy mode, a know-all and not relaxed. Sometimes I do well, but at other times I don't exactly choke, but do it badly. I guess we all are shy underneath all that bluster!
I guess the answer is to be so passionate about the subject matter, that you forget yourself.