Thursday, February 08, 2007

# Snow again!

It snowed again! And this time, it's proper heavy snow - in fact, the heaviest snow I have ever witnessed during my four-year stay in London. There has been lots of "publicity" for this long awaited snow, from BBC weather forecast to tabloid newspaper to betting agency. I have been excited waiting for the snow to come.

Despite proclaiming loudly that I will wake up early to see the snow, my housemate had to literally drag me out of my bed to wake me up. *shame*. I pulled apart my curtains and saw this...

I took a closer look and saw this!

IT IS SNOWING!!! I mean, I have seen fallen snow before, I have also seen snow falling before, but those were all out of London! In London, I have not seen a proper snowing before. I got caught in a hail before, but not snow. The snow I saw in London are always on the ground, and they look more icey than snowy.

We immediately put on all our jackets and ran out to greet the snow. It is falling! Falling!

And remembering my family has been complaining that I always take too many photos without me actually INSIDE the photos, I decided to be good once in a while and post this half-awake-YD-with-snow-falling-onto-her-head photo to let my loved ones back home know I am healthy and happy here. :-)

And while we have been frolicking in snow and trying to catch snowflakes with out tongues, there were some neighbours trying to clear away the layers of snow from their car. I wonder what they were thinking about us chattering excitedly and taking pictures of everything.

As the snow gets heavier, Ray took out his umbrella while I was still prancing about in the snow. I took the opportunity to take a shot of his dazed look while looking at my hyperactive behaviour.

No, we didn't make snow angels on the ground. It's way too dirty to do that in London street. I decided that I must at least leave some footprints in the snow to commemorate this rare event. So I chose a clean patch of snow-covered corner... and started walking backwards to make the footprints! kekekeke...

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


The Moody Minstrel said...

I wonder what they were thinking about us chattering excitedly and taking pictures of everything.

Probably something like, "Bloody tourists..."

Either that or, "Bloody, hell...I'm going to be late..."

TouXianJiaYouZhan said...

i hope it snow again :D

Pandabonium said...

Snow is great fun - when you don't have to deal with everyday.

In California, I lived at the base of some mountains for a few years. It was great. I could drive up the mountain and play in the snow, perhaps spend the night at a friend's cabin, then come back down and not have to deal with it.

It does look beautiful. Enjoy.