Sunday, January 28, 2007

# Fav artwork

There are many ways we can interpret the drawing...
But for me, this drawing meant a lot to me, and I felt very touched at the bottom of my heart.

This is a drawing by a person who loves sea very much.
He has been sailing a lot in earlier times, but later his direction of life changed.
He loves the underwater world - the fantasy, the fascinating creatures in the water.
But he has fear as well, fear of the sinking of ship, and death in the sea.
He fears the loneliness under the dark sea too,
so he has his loved one, a piggy, by his side to stay by him.

Further explanation:
The piggy represents his loved one's chinese almanac. ;-)
FMC is a side advertisement for his current company.


Pandabonium said...

Where is it from? It looks like someone was touched from the bottom of the ocean!

Jih Ying said...

What does it mean? And why is so meaningful to you?

The Moody Minstrel said...

It looks to me like someone ended up drowning in his own fantasies...

@ロウ 。LOW@ said...

FMC and sea? I wonder...:)

The Moody Minstrel said...

I wonder, too. Many psychologists say that water is a subconscious symbol for sexuality. If you dream about swimming together with someone, well...nothing more need be said.

In this picture the water is filled with both fantasy images (butterfly, star, moon, heart) and dangerous water creatures (jellyfish, shark, stingray, a moray eel). In the background is a fat pig (i.e. a man who treats women selfishly), and in the foreground is a sunken boat (a failed dream?) and a dead body (a shattered life?).

Hmm...(looks for notebook)

Z.J. said...

虽然是一幅很简单的图画, 但可以使人有很多奇怪的联想念头.

我会这样意会: 今年2007年是猪年, 所以画的焦点在那只猪处, 为何在水中? 代表在新的一年内, 人人也猪笼入水. 至于天空的物体和海洋生物融为一体, 即天地合一, 无分比此, 寄予人类要和平相处. 那个破坏海洋生物或大自然环境的人, 应罪有应得. 
不知心里所感触的是些甚么? 现在可以公开吧!

YD said...

Ta-daa! The explanation is now open to public. ;-) It is included in the post content.

A logical interpretation would be a pig which went to the underwater aquarium to visit. Anyone thought of this? hehe

From the bottom of the sea indeed... The painting is done by an ordinary person, not by artist. It was done in an impromptu mode.

It takes an engineer to recognize another engineer innit?

Jih Ying
Hehe... By now you have known the answer rite?

Sometimes I am just bowled over by your imagination, and the eeriness of its accuracy! Are you a psychic or what? (Reminds me of your tarot cards and your supernatural power...)

When can I get my next reading?

Wow.. that's a very Taoism perspective. Nice interpretation. I like it. :-) The answer is out now..