Friday, January 26, 2007

# Snow!

Thanks Panda for his concern on my safety during the storm. I'm all warm and safe. Interestingly, I did not realize the severity of the storm until reading the news, despite being out almost the whole day. It was the last day of our examination, probably we were too excited to notice the storm, although we did feel the extremely strong wind on the street.

The news and weather forecast reported of sudden drop of temperature and forecasted snow. For once, UK's weather forecast seemed to be sufficiently accurate - the temperature dropped, and the snow came, except that it came late. ;-)

When I parted the curtains in the morning, I was pleasantly surprised with the snow-covered backyard. It did not feel that cold yet, but it seemed it has been snowing since midnight. Here are some pictures...

Our backyard. The fluffy tree with snow all over looks kind of cute to me. Beside it is the tool shed.

More snow-covered houses and yards.

After the initial excitement over seeing snow, I dragged myself back to the unpleasant reality - it would be another day with mass disruption on transport system. And unfortunately enough, I would be using all three of the main transport system to travel to school - bus, tube, and train.

Grrwwww... Blame the Met office, yea. ^_^


Anonymous said...


I love you yang. Wished i was there so I can hug you back to sleep and snuggle with you.



YD said...


... and now everyone knows. LOL.

Love u too. :-*

Pandabonium said...

Oh my, I'll pretend not to have seen those comments.

Glad you're safe YD. Weird winter. Last year was a record cold one in Japan, this year a record warm one!

The Moody Minstrel said...

What comments, Panda?

It seems like half the world outside Japan is having a nasty winter. I know several places in the U.S. that wound up snowed in like it hasn't been in years. Meanwhile, we're having late March weather in early February.

Oh, well. It'll help the beer and insecticide industries...

Happysurfer said...

Yeah, what comments, PandaB?

Global-warming is the culprit. We had unusual weather here too with the terrible floods last month. The Indian Ocean is getting warmer while the glaciers are melting up north and winters getting more severe. I notice we're not experiencing the usual Lunar New Year weather of strong winds and dry weather.