Thursday, December 23, 2004

# Finding Accommodation

Got a great shock when our landlords contacted us in emergency and told us that there are housing laws problems that may affect our tenancy in the property.

I do not wish to elaborate much on the details of the issue as I respect the privacy of our landlords. To put it in a brief summary, we might have to move out in short notice due to the housing laws problems.

The 2 days before christmas was challenging. Spent 2 whole days (from early morning till late midnight) researching on houses for rent, calling agents and viewing houses. It was during the intensive searching period that I learnt much about dealing with different people and negotiating for conditions. I realized my telephone calling skills improved in terms of bretivy, accuracy in language, after a long night calling at least 20 agents/landlords to discuss about properties for rent. Then during viewing of the properties, a lot more was to be observed and discussed in details. I actually felt grateful to have gone through this process, at least I learn much more about house-hunting and negotiating during this house crisis.

It was also during this house crisis period that a few of us forged a stronger friendship among ourselves. I felt so much in debt to sinsin, as she has helped me so much, practically and emotonally. When she put down her own travelling schedule and helped me out in house-hunting, I was so touched. Also, huifang (my housemate) and I learnt much more about each other and became so much closer. I was deeply impressed by all the good qualities that huifang has, and admire her so much for her great personal, interaction and relation skills. She is indeed a very capable lady, who handles critical situation very well, and at the same time manages to be a very fun and caring friend to be with. It is my luck to get to know her personally! Cheers to our friendship!

A few points about accommodation hunting skills:
- Go to University of London Accommodation Office for guides, advice before starting to search. They have a great resources of information and help/support.
- Check the land registry of the property and ownership of the landlord.
- have the tenancy agreement checked before signing the contract

This housing issue has actually proven itself to be an exciting adventure and a test for us. There is a chinese proverb saying 'there is an opportunity in every crisis'. It is very true. I have learned much from this unfortunate event - about accommodation search, about people, about money, and most importantly, about friendship.

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