Sunday, December 26, 2004

# Traditional Xmas with Family Friends

I remembered the first christmas I spent overseas last year 2003 was at Holland. I went to Amsterdam with a group of friends and we celebrated our christmas in the busy streets of Amsterdam. We also went for a midnight mass in a Catholic church there.

This year, my christmas has been a warm and cosy one, thanks to the Tan Family who invited me over to spend my christmas with them. Joseph and Christina Tan are our family friends who has been staying in London for more than 10 years. Thanks uncle and aunty, for making my 2004 Christmas a merry one!

24 Dec 2004
Had a nice reunion dinner on Christmas Eve and played some games together before going for a midnight mass at a All Saint's Church. The midnight mass was a nice experience for me, as I am a Buddhist and this was only my second time attending a midnight mass. Observed the proceedings and learnt about their mass activities. I personally love the christmas carol singing part, where everyone sang along the hymns and songs. I think I owe this to my ex-housemate in Subang, Goldie, who taught me all the varieties of Christian songs! (Goldie, I really miss the times we spent together singing all the hymns and songs!)

25 Dec 2004
Presents opening session! To open presents under the christmas tree was a rewarding experience. To love and to share, to exchange and to give - that's the spirit of christmas-presents-exchange! Felt the warmth in the air as all of us exchange gifts and opened them under the tree.

Went to the Christmas day mass in another church, St. Anthony's. It was a smaller church, but with a cosier feeling as the community is smaller and almost everyone knows everyone. Everyone is in good mood on the christmas day. and small children are very excited, even during the prayers. *^_^*

The highlight was during the night's dinner. This is the first time I had a proper Traditional Christmas Dinner, with a family. We had turkey, bacon rolls, stuffings, pudding and all other traditional english food. Oishi desu ne~! The crackers-pulling game before dinner was a real fun too!

26 Dec 2004
Today is the Boxing Day, and practically every store on the street is on SALE. However, we decided to spend the nice morning in the house, watching Christmas programmes on TV. Enjoyed the traditional xmas children story "SNOWMAN" which explored the imagination of a child during christmas. Would recommend it to both kids and adults.

Parted with the family in the evening, after spending a memorable 3-days-christmas with them. Thanks people... Will miss them much.

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