Friday, December 31, 2004

# Food Fair

Went to a Taiwanese Food Fair at Parsons Green. It's overwhelming to see so many chinese people coming from all over london to join this food fair. Streams after streams of people surged out from the tube station, heading towards the same destination. magnificient!

The food faid was held at a local school in Fulham. There were about 20 stalls selling all sorts of taiwanese food and snacks and refreshment. surprisingly enough, I bumped into an LSE stall as well as UCL stall, and there were even representatives from University of Bath and a golf club.

The varieties of food just awed me... I gobbled down some bihun from LSE (to show my support for my own school of course), and ate the 割包, 韭菜盒子, 沙茶羊肚, 酸梅汤, 妈妈润饼 ... also saw lots of other small snacks like 珍珠奶茶, 肉棕, 凉面, 冰糖葫芦, 鲁肉, etc etc. Among all the snacks, i think i like the 割包 the most, but the 羊肚 is quite a 'surprise' to me cuz i have never eaten any intestines before... a bit creepy but somehow I managed to finish them...

Organizing a food fair like this is definitely a great way to bring people together. It not only brings together the people who share the same background, but also enable interaction among people from different background. This in turn encourages the communication and exchange of values and cultures among different nationalities and races. I recalled the International Food Fair that I helped organized last year, it was a great chance to meet people from all around the world! Similarly, another event, Malaysian Makan Night, was certainly an interesting event to let people learn about our own cuisine, culture and traditions.

FOOD, i think, always constitutes a main part in a Malaysian's life. It is not just an enjoyment to savour the cuisines; it is a way which connects every Malaysian in a unique way, it is a way which potrays the Malaysian culture to people around the world.

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Pandabonium said...

Food is such an important component of every culture. Eating is a ritual that brings people together. I loved the broad variety of food in Hawaii that came from so many cultures.

You mentioned intestine. Bad memories arose. Although I am a Buddhist, my daughters went to a Catholic high school (for practical reasons). At my younger daughter's senior dinner, I tried tripe (the lining of beef stomach), a dish popular with the Portuguese contingent of Hawaii's population. I thought I would be sick, fortunately I was not. Never, never again!

Aside from that, I think food booths at fairs are great and offer people a great way to try different cuisines and socialize.

Bring me a soda please.