Friday, December 30, 2005

# Xmas Dinner!

This year we prepared our own traditional christmas dinner. Preparation took almost 3 hours. James is the main chef, well, he did, like, almost everything!

  • Smoked Salmon & Cocktail Prawns

    Main Course:
  • Stuffed Turkey Joint
  • Sausage Rolls
  • Bacon Strips
  • Roast Potatoes + Parsnips
  • Brussel Sprouts
  • Carrots
  • Cherry Tomatoes

    (The Roast potatoes dish is the best! James certainly did a great job in using the goose fat.)

  • Christmas Pudding
  • Meringue with whipped cream, raspberries and tinned mango in syrup

    (some of us decided to have some fun with the food & did a masterpiece)

    After dinner, we played Pictionary. As we were playing, I accidentally suggested that a penalty should be imposed on the loser.


    Well, I lost and the bunch of crazy people decided to make me their Barbie doll. They took out all the make up kits, hair gel, etc etc and gave me a full make over. The original plan was to creat the hideous look that scares people away, but I think those guys found this girly game enjoyable that they decided to blend the look of Anita Mui+Shu Qi+Sammi Cheng+etc in one.

    Still, I turned out to be quite hideous.

    Worse still, there is a photographer constantly taking pictures of the process, the 'transformation' and the final look. Geez, I think modelling is just so NOT for me.

    Luckily, there is still, at least, one picture that turned out OK. Here it is.

    Merry Christmas folks!

    The Moody Minstrel said...

    So you played pictionary and wound up being a picture? Sounds like fun (doing the making-up, not receiving it)!

    What a dinner! Sounds like you had a very enjoyable holiday celebration where you were. As for me, even though I wasn't able to make my annual Christmas visit back home in Oregon this year, my own Christmas here in Japan was rather nice, if a bit harried. New Year has been even MORE hectic but perhaps even more enjoyable so far!

    Happy New Year, YD and everyone else here!

    Pandabonium said...

    Nice pictures are OK, but I want to see the hideous ones!

    Happy New Year.

    FH2O said...

    I agree with panda! Shall we put to the vote to see the 'hideous' ones?

    Happy New Year 2006!

    ZJ said...


    我想新年的Celebrated Dinner比圣诞节的还要丰富? 记住, 不要吃的太多…否则就会变….!!!


    YD said...

    panda & fh20,
    oh no... me n my big mouth again. shouldn't have mentioned the pictures...

    hehe... there seem to be too little vote, fh20 u r somewhat a minority. nyek nyek...

    my dear friend! of cuz i remember u! Happy New Year to you too! May you be happy and healthy too!

    My New Year dinner is pork chop+mash+mushrooms+vege, prepared by my housemate who is a great cook. yummy! I think I will get fat real soon...


    Tim said...

    YD, Happy New Year to you too! You look great in that picture! The boys did a good job of playing barbie...hahahaha...

    Robin said...

    Happy New Year and may all your hopes, dreams and fantasy come true in 2006.

    Happysurfer said...

    yd, Happy New Year and may you have the best year yet.

    Bluutzrps said...

    Wait a minute! That picture that looks like whipped cream, rasberries, and mango isn't a dessert at all! It's my cousin Zrodnak from the planet Voorrti - he's been missing since mid Dececember. You didn't eat him did you?

    Godknows said...

    wow, your food pics look great, Yummy. Wish i can try some :)
    Happy New Year

    The Moody Minstrel said...

    Wow, YD...
    Your fanclub seems to be growing exponentially! Is that a good sign for the new year?

    YD said...

    ya that's what happen when guys outnumber girls... lesson learnt: don't suggest punishment that can backfire against urself.

    Happy new year to you too! continue to save the world ok! and best wishes to all the cute cute kitties n doggies!

    may you be as happy as always yoh! keep up with your funny posts and mind-challenging discussion posts. it's nice reading lots of new discussions about various issues.

    Chao Ong! Wish you a happy new year too! long live the vietnamese god hehehe... how did you celebrate new year?

    omigosh somebody actually recognized Zrodnak! I thought the wig would have made a difference! no we didn't eat him, he just sort of went through an adventurous tour in our digestive system, and experienced a wonderful self-transformation into a totally new, different being. Good enlightenment for him yeh?

    anyway, happy happy happy new year!