Wednesday, June 07, 2006

# Final Lap

Final lap today! Going out now for the last paper. Then... FREEDOM!!!

ahhh... I can almost taste it now!

Go Go Go! Affirmative. Cover me. :-) (haha I should cut the CS jargon out)


Kurakat said...

I thought you said you are not a CS addict? Well...

Wish ya all the best for your last paper.

Go YD, go! =)

Chen said...

now u can enjoy life :D

Pandabonium said...

Please inform this recluse what "CS" refers to in the modern culture. In my day if meant "chicken sh*t".

And while you are at it, tell me what freedom tastes like. I have been searching for it all my life and have yet to taste it. :P

Robin said...

Hurray Hurray and a holi holi day..

babababababa holi holi day..

(must swing bum like Boney M)

The Moody Minstrel said...

Just don't have an identity crisis and freak out when you finally find yourself immersed in FREEDOM. You might wind up going BANANAS!!!!!!!

*sigh* You need to get a Neoworx chat board...

L B said...

Is it safe to come out now?

@ロウ 。LOW@ said...

Counter Strike, a game that requires you to shoot (and kill) in order to win :)

I'd love to cover you, but up to the examination hall, that is :p

And oh, the mamak stall is open, and waiting. The canopy bridge is still hanging. It will be a good July, for sure :)


Happysurfer said...

What?! Last paper on June 7 and today is June 12 and still no new post? Have you gone bananas (ref MM's comments)? Too much freedom and can't handle it? Don't know what to do first? Get a life - start blogging! hahahahhaha...........

YD said...

Wow, thanks guys!! Now i m lagging behind what's happening in blogsphere..

hehehe... i'm social CS-er, just occasional shoot-out.

can't believe i finished my degree d!

now i can come back pg for bakchang, hokkien mee, laksa, yiu-zha-kuew, etc... and your ostrich pie!

sorry for the jargons, and thanks Low for the explanation. somehow I like your version of CS better! ;)

Freedom... Excessive freedom tastes scary. Insufficient freedom tastes yucky. for me right now, freedom has transformed me into a maid in the house, cuz all others are still having exams. haha joking...

hehe.. you alwys put me in a dance trance!

Sing a summer song, skip along, holi-holiday
It's a holi-holiday!

muahahaha... no smileys for abuse nyek nyek nyek... :-)

Jesus, how on earth did you find out i'm a banana?!?!

l b
not yet, lb. there are far too many bananas around!

woo hoo!! world cup fever is on! mamak stalls sure are cashing in a lot since astro is the only one airing the games.

and canopy bridge n greeneries, here i come!

hahaha.. i was knocked down by excessive freedom! K.O.! :-P

you know what? when freedom comes, the blardy weather got heated up to 30 degrees celsius! my roam-around-london trip became roast-around-london!

now i become pisang-goreng (fried banana) oledi!

YD said...

btw, we have already cancelled our broadband service at home, since we gonna move to a new place. Boo hoo... life without internet! Boo hoo...