Monday, June 19, 2006

# Lazing around

09.06.06. 2.18pm

It was a hot afternoon, a few days after the final exams finished. After all the celebration and gathering, was feeling the laziness creeping in. I just wanna have a quiet afternoon by myself.

Was lazing around on my bed, which is directly under my window. Looking up at the window from a lying-down position sure had a different perspective.

Then I got a bit "wu-liao" and decided to have an upside-down look at our room.

The sunshine was good, so I quickly washed my shoes and dry it on my window panes.

A little bit more eerie-looking from this view.

When I gazed out of the window, I was a bit shocked to notice a "new" mountain suddenly appeared at the far place! Zooming in my camera (sadly it's just digital zoom.. boo hoo...) and taking a closer look, I realized it was just some pinkish clouds! What a deceiving look!

Another lazy doodle during another lazy afternoon...


Happysurfer said...

Nice blue sky through the window. The third picture of the shoes on the window sill is like a painting. And the last picture looks like a fire in the distance. Nice pictures, YD.

Pandabonium said...

Looking at that map upside down I realize that Scotland is farther north of the equator than any other nation is south of it. I like the shoes on the window sill and Fensbury Park looks inviting - how about going out there and throwing a Frisbee around with a friend?

The last pic reminds me of Haleakala on Maui. After the sun sets for people at sea level, the top of the mountain still gets direct rays and turns beautiful shades of pink and red.

Kurakat said...

Nice pics =)

Btw, how did you manage to get the music playing with ActiveX in the background of your blog?

Can you show me how? Thanks in advance. =)

The Moody Minstrel said...

How do you know that mountain-like pile of clouds wasn't hiding an alien ship that was spying on you (or waiting to steal your shoes)?

Tinfoil hats, everyone!!!!

Pandabonium said...

In case Moody is right, memorize these words:

Gort, klaatu barada nikto.

FH2O said...

This post made me wished that I'd taken photos of and from my room when I was a student ... *sigh*

Nice clouds photo btw!

L B said...

That's a great idea! I wann go take upside down pics now too!!!