Saturday, March 12, 2005

# Duan's Hair Disaster

Like other students, I grabbed the chance to get a free hair cut from hair-styling school in London, but I made a mistake of going to the modern hairstyling school instead of the traditional hairstyling school.

The experience was hilarious – I was allocated a student hairdresser who only speak Spanish, we cannot communicate unless with a translator. It was funny watching the teacher giving directions in English, while a translator translated into Spanish for the student to understand the commands. I was like a dummy sitting there waiting for my haircut, hoping to learn some basic Spanish in the process. 

The cut went on for a long time and I was feeling curious that many other hairdressers kept coming over to look at my hairdresser at work and some even took photos. Only after it was done that I realized he has done disaster to my hair! He has shaven the back of my head and left two strands of hair at the sides, making a false impression of me having long hair in the front, while revealing a extremely short hair at the back. My fringes were Japanese style and I looked a bit too cute for my age. He even put on some gel to make 3 strands of my hair stood on top of my head. GOSH!

I was dumbfounded. More interesting things happened – all the crew gave a round of applause and started to take pictures of my scary hairstyle. They actually thought that this WAS an achievement! I could not decide to laugh or to cry…

In the end, I have to go to another saloon to save my hair, at least, to get a more normal hairstyle… The hair disaster and the rescue activity was a funny, yet scary experience. And I think Ray would never let me forget the rescue trip in which he accompanied me until forever.

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