Friday, March 18, 2005

# Farewell Party

Big feast for the end of term for HF’s language course! We threw a farewell party for her classmates, and I was excited to meet them though I haven’t met most of them. We cooked bat kut teh, cocacola chicken, dumplings, pak choy, etc…(HF made sure the guests helped out! Hehe…) and the guests brought over some food too.

Met some interesting friends – a Japanese girl who is very good at direct selling, a Korean professor who still has such a young heart, a Japanese man who is very very polite and influenced me to pronounce ‘Yes’ as ‘Yesu’, another who seems to always day-dream, a Vietnamese girl who is always bubbly and a Columbian girl who is very sweet and friendly. Despite the language barrier, everyone had fun and could not stop chatting about everything under the sun.

Getting to know them is a valuable experience as I learn to understand the accent of different nationalities speaking the same language, English. It was entertaining for us to discover each other’s ‘strange’ accent of speaking English and try to decipher what the others are talking about. It is heart-warming to see everyone has an open heart to learn, trying their best to practice the language and trying to understand each other.

Some of them will return to their country soon and some will further their studies in other universities after the completion of their course. I will miss this bunch of international students much, and hopefully we will stay in touch.

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