Monday, March 28, 2005

# Daddy's Visit

Daddy has come to London to visit, it’s his first time in UK and I wanted to make this good! Thanks to my friends’ frequent visit to London (from all other parts of UK), I have trained myself to be a seasoned local tour guide who can memorized the routes I take them for a tour in London.

Argh… I was lazy to describe the whole trip, but overall we had a great trip and have covered most places in London. Dad enjoyed the trip to Camden Town very much, and he loves the walk along river Thames. He got so comfortable staying in London that he started practicing his Tai-Chi in the morning in our neighbourhood and even got to know some stall owners in the street market. He loves the cold air much more than I do! Haha.

Next year both my parents will come for graduation and I guessed I have to start planning for a tour in Europe…

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