Wednesday, September 07, 2005

# Disaster!

It seems that this world is not heading to a better direction. Headlines that hit the newspaper each day are full of negative reports. Shocking, sad news dominate the media. Recounting the events, I suddenly noticed how our everyday-life is full of woes, threatening to endanger human's life.

26 December 2004, one of the most destructive tsunamis hit the Indian Ocean, causing great devastation to India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, Somalia, Myanmar and Malaysia. Fatalities shot to more than 500,000. In July 2005, Typhoon Talim engulfed Taiwan, and recently the Gulf Coast of US is attacked by the Hurricane Katrina.

The natural disasters caused much misfortunes to human race, showing how fragile human can be. Yet with such fragility, human demand to control the world, and claim rights on natural resources and landscapes. How dare we! Long forgotten is the respect for nature, the love for Mother Earth, and the care for our environment. I remembered an old chinese belief that natural disasters shows the wrath of the God to mismanagement of the goverment in control. Now, with all the disasters, from El Nino to La Nina, why can't human take these as lessons to learn to respect and care for our earth?

Not only facing natural wraths, human face threats from within too. Reports on terrorism has intensified since the September 11 WTC terrorist attack. A more recent nightmare include the 7/7 London bombing followed by the 21/7 bombing. And all the while, wars have been going on around the globe. From the dispute about Gaza to the controversy of Japanese textbook rewriting, from the pre-emptive attack on Iraq to various jihad wars around the world... what has become to our world?

We are plagued with disasters, from the political ones to economical ones to social ones. Planes crashed everywhere in the world nowadays, due to negligence of budget airlines which tried to save cost and forgo safety. Economical disasters happened, causing world companies collapse, countries facing crisises, etc etc... Every disaster is connected to one common factor - human nature.

Our greed, our unsatiable wants, our arrogance, our prejudice, our hatred, our ignorance... Human are blessed with intelligence; we have the ability to reason and analyse, yet we misused our cleverness. We thought we can outsmart others, sometimes we thought we can even outsmart the nature; in the end the ones who suffer is ourselves.

We need to learn. Despite all the teachings of variuos religions and moral values, human values are being degraded more and more. In the pursuit of material wants, many forgo their moral values. It is time we look at ourselves, truthfully, and ask what has become of us, and what can we do?

It is time to reflect, remorse, and redo the right thing.

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