Saturday, September 24, 2005

# Student Mentoring Scheme

Student Mentoring Scheme is back! Finally I received the allocation of my new mentees for the new academic year. I got only seven this year, compared to an astounding twelve students last year.

1) Introduce myself
2) Explain my role of refering them to relevant departments and finding information.
3) Arrange for a meet-up session for a friendly chat.
4) Always be there to help throughout the whole academic year.

Add-ons by self:
A few reminders of things to do during first few days in LSE:

1) Where can you find information?
a) New Arrivals webpage and information pack.
b) New Arrivals Helpdesk.

2) Remember to go for
a) Registration,
b) School Induction,
c) Departmental Induction,
d) Student support service induction,
e) Freshers Fair,
f) etc etc etc.

3) Checklist: Have you settled these things?
a) Accommodation
b) Activate your LSE Computer Account
c) Open your Bank account
d) Register with an NHS doctor
e) Meet your tutor
f) Apply for NUS card, Student TFL Discount card and ULU card
g) Pay your fees
h) Register with local police (for certain overseas student)
i) etc etc etc.

4) Important things you will find useful
a) Your student ID card and number
b) Your Certificate of Registration or letter of offer

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