Monday, September 05, 2005

# Malaysian attitude

We, Malaysians, need to change our third world mentality, if we really want to achieve our target of reaching a "Developed Country" status.

Despite our skyscrappers and lots of world's number one, we lack of the fundamental values - social values, basic moral values and conscience, and sometimes, common sense. In many simple things, the mentality shown is far below the desirable.

Scenario 1: In supermarket, the cashier helped customers to steal goods by pretending to scan the price tag without actually inputting any data, or by miscounting the quantity of goods bought. This is VERY common, caused losses to supermarket, and yet people do it in the name of 'helping friends'.

Scenario 2: Despite numerous calls to curb open burning, people ignore the issue. Complaints to Jabatan Alam Sekitar went unheard, or sometimes, officers DO come to check, but always check during the time when the burning is NOT done. After office hour, the people happily start burning again.

Scenario 3: Fighting and pushing to get onto public transport. Vandalism, snatch thief, etc etc..

Scenario 4: Officers respond to complaints with "OK OK we will look into the matters", and no action being taken, or lots of bureaucracy lengthen the process until people lose patience of waiting and give up.

Scenario 5: Funny that the calling number and SMS contact plastered at the back of most transport vehicles (for complaints of street misconduct) never work.

Scenario 6: Quite interesting too that while other countries can allow self-service in many purchase, we still need a worker to weigh the fruits/ vegetables in the supermarket to prevent people from use wrong measurement. More interesting is that sometimes even a worker who 'helps friends' cannot be trusted.

Many more scenarios can be noticed in just our simple daily life. Yet we go on with them. Time to wake up, Malaysians! These kind of habits only ruin ourselves, only potray negative image on ourselves, and do not help our country progress in anyway! Education aims to eliminate the naiviety and ignorance, yet many educated persons follow the trend of the mass.

Learn, and grow. We have seen much growth and development in terms of physical and material progress. It's time we focus on our internal growth too - moral, values, outlook, perspective.

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