Thursday, September 15, 2005

# Moving into New House

The moment I walked into my new room, I was aghasted to find that it looked more like refugee camp than a normal bedroom. Boxes were piled everywhere, and the air smelled musty n dusty.

It took some time to clear up a walking space that led to my bed. I was too exhausted during my first day of arrival so unpacking was not done at all. Somehow I managed to sleep in a dusty bed with a dusty pillow n a dusty duvet. Not too pleasant. hehe.

Cleaning up the house and unpacking is some new adventures, not only that there are too much clutters around the house, but also that we have to deal with housemates to work in team. There were some disagreement about things like space allocation, rental, contract, etc... but hopefully with mature discussion, we will sort them out one by one.

Main problem in living in harmony with housemates are the duties allocation and responsibility to take care of the house. Sometimes I realize that not many people would have initiative to clean up, unless they are 'allocated' with the responsibility. The 'tidak-apa' and 'couldnt-bother' attitude is an annoying character. More importantly is the way of communication among the housemates. Instead of open and direct discussion, there tends to be talk-behind-the-back and middle-man-passing-message type of communication. This is so wrong, and I feel uncomfortable using this mode of commnunication - it tends to break down - messages sent are unclear and people do not feel frank with one another. There is really a need to change the way things work in this house.

Personally, I feel students really can learn a lot by living out with friends during their study, whether during college or university. It really builds up their communication skills, and tolerance among friends. It is a good place to train responsibility, not only to oneself, but to others and the community. To keep a house running is not an easy task, and it will be an uphill task if people do not cooperate. Coming out from the cocoon of family's pamper, many students will find this a good way to learn to be independent.

I am glad that I have Huifang as a housemate last year. With her responsibility and initiative to maintain the upkeep of the house, I found it easy to get along with her and divide tasks among ourselves. We have mutual understanding of making our little house a homey place to be in. The way we maintain the housekeeping is by own initiative and willingness; and I found this is such an effective way! If we have love for our home, and have the initiative to take care of it, things will be easily settled.

Staying in a 5-people group this year is another adventure. Let's see how our new family will develop. Ganbate!

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